Tip #13: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight.

 30 tips in 30 days. Get better health, and see better results.

My dad always used to say, “Baby, your eyes are bigger than your stomach.”  He was right. Now I know better, and how to train my brain.

Here’s a great tip, to trick your brain: use a blue plate.

It’s true.  The color blue will help trick your brain to not want to sit and linger. You’ll eat less.

Ever wondered my so many fast food places use warm colors like: red, brown, orange, gold and tan? Comfort colors go hand in hand with quick and easy comfort foods. They want you to order more and hope your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

Your new blue plate will help you to think and feel satisfied, so you won’t go back for seconds.


Next, choose a 9 inch plate instead of the 10 or 12 or 16 inch plate. These giant, platter size plates just make you want to fill them up, and eat more than you need.  

So go blue.  Train your brain. Shrink your plate, and shrink your waist.

Transform Yourself.

With 30-tips in 30-days it’s easy.  Lose 2- to 5-lbs in the first two weeks, and lose 1- to 2-lbs weekly thereafter. Results may vary.

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