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Did you know that belly fat is the most dangerous place to carry extra weight? According to Dr. Oz, your waist should not be larger than half your height. If you’re like many Americans today, you may need to shed a few pounds.

We humans are no longer active enough to support a healthy level of energy expenditure.  And yet, trying to use exercise as a substitute for an inactive lifestyle fails short for most of us. I am speaking from personal experience.  Like so many, I ate, and slept my work. Over the last 30 years my lifestyle took its toll on my health.  I didn’t make me a priority. No time for me. Just work, and my weight kept going up, and up, and up.

A lot of you reading this that are in the same place I was back then. You may not even realize what being overweight is doing to your long-term health. But many do realize the implications of being over weight, and the weight related health problems that come up like: heart disease, diabetes, gout, and even some cancers are all linked to being overweight.

Losing Weight for Good and Living a New Healthy Lifestyle is what it all about in my life now.

Coach Joyce

To reach and maintain a healthy weight, you need to take control of your energy management system — that is, calories in and calories out.  It’s also critical to get your body out of fat-storage mode and into fat-burning mode by controlling your body’s release of insulin.

When we eat meals that are high in fat, sugar, and simple carbohydrates, our blood sugar and insulin levels increase and facilitate the accumulation of excess fat.

In today’s world, we’re all so busy that any electronic device, machine, or shortcut that makes our daily tasks take less time and effort becomes ever more desirable.  But while these tools do provide comfort and ease to our lifestyles, they’re also robbing us of our health.

Today, I live a healthy and active life. I am helping others as a Health Coach to do the same. Everyday I choose to pursue Optimal Health. I strive to learn and perfect the skills needed to help others find the same success and good health I’ve found.

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, I need to do something, and you’re waiting for a sign from above… this is it!  It’s your time now.  Time to get started, and hit your re-set button.

If you ready to make a change, improve your overall health, look better, feel better, and get excited about creating a new life, I am ready, and here to help you do just that.

Joyce Blonskij, Your Independent Certified Optavia Coach™

Let me help you get started: joyce@healthcoachjb.com

For more information click here : http://healthcoachjb.synduit.com/OPTAVIAInterest0001

Zig Zizzler once said: “MOTIVATION FOLLOWS ACTION”.  You can want to lose weight and get healthy all day long while you sit behind a desk or on the sofa, but it won’t happen. Nope — You have to do something, and then it happensthat’s when you get truly: motivated and excited.

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  1. Denise Knox

    Hi! I met Rebecca Canale recently and she sent me an email with your info and it went to my spam file. But God is good because he put us both back at the nail salon today where we met in May! So I came home and looked in my spam folder. There you were!!!! I am so excited to see what you are doing. I have alot in common with you. Weight watchers, 5’3, think I look good in my head, but I am miserable! I have a new grandson and I want to get down on the floor and play with him and then be able to get up!!My business is actually double over last year and is soaring so I would like to be around to reap the benefits! It is my passion and I am a very passionate fun person. I am ready to do it and keep it off. That is the ticket for me. I am finally in the right mindset of if I mess up I don’t quit and start eating, I get right back on it the next meal. That has taken me two years to get! i am a slow learner 🙂 I go ninely miles an hour constantly. I am having a complete hysterectomy June 21st so I won’t be able to exercise for 8 weeks so it would be really nice if I could be on the program so not to gain more weight while I am down. Looking so forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much! Denise Knox

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