“85” – Sugar Level This Morning!

For any one who struggles with diabetes let me share my husbands, John’s super news with you.

John has been on diabetes medication for several years and its been impossible to get his sugars under control.  His range has been from 180 to 230 for the longest time.

Currently he takes:

  • Metformin 850mg – 1 tablet, twice a day
  • Nabumetone 750mg – 1/4 tablet, twice a day

Even with these two medication his sugars were still running 120-130 at best.

This morning marked two weeks for John on The Take Shape For Life program.

He has lost 9 1/2 pounds.


His blood sugars have  leveled out and are “NORMAL”.

He took a blood test this morning BEFORE he took his meds …

…and his sugars tested at: “85”

This program is helping him get control of his diabetes.

I am very thankful.

If you are a diabetic, like my husband, and struggle to get your blood sugars under control consider a 5 week program to see if the Take Shape For Life Program can be of help to you.

The cost is $8.13 cents a day to be on program  – For 5 weeks that comes to: $284.50

 Give it a Try!

You’re worth it… and so is your health.

For more information send me an e-mail at: itsmeltingoff@Blonskij.com



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