It was the night before Christmas, and What thoughts did it bring? My mind said to me…Why not have a big fling?


It was the night before Christmas and,

What thoughts did it bring?

My mind said to me.

Why not have a big fling?


There were pies in the oven,

Sugared nuts in the jar!

There were snacks for the party.

And booze in the bar.


No! I’ll resist the temptation,

I will keep a strong head,

I’ll not eat a bite!

And I climbed into bed.


When out of my stomach,

There came such a roar.

I sprang from the bed,

Landing flat on the floor.


Away to the kitchen,

I flew like a flash.

Tore open the fridge,

To do something RASH!


A light from within,

Gave off such a glow,

To the objects of food,

Laid on trays there below.


I was going to grab,

An odd goodie or two,

When into my mind,

Came my promise to you.


Before I could have,

Any snack food to eat,

I must put on my coat

And get out of my feet.


I got into my coat,

My warm gloves and shoes,

Determined to walk,

For the goodies I’d choose.


The moon on the breast,

Of the new fallen snow,

And on houses and trees,

Gave a sparkle and glow.


As I walked down the street,

My mind did recall,

The words that we’d spoken,

At the Dieters Hall.


Of leaders through which,

I ambitiously sat,

For words of encouragement,

To help shed this fat.


I spoke not a word,

When my walk was done,

I felt so renewed,

I knew I had won.


I walked past the kitchen,

Without turning my head.

I smiled in the mirror,

As I headed for bed.


And I said to myself,

As I turned out the light,

With my mind, will and body.

I have fought the good fight. 



Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas!

Joyce & John Blonskij


Celebrations! …as more and more of my family and friends lose weight and hit new goals! John, Katie, Sarah, Janet Wheeler, Holly, & “Cindi Chilelli “New Health Coach”!

My husband, John loves CostCo and this week picked up a pair of jeans size 36… They didn’t fit!  THEY WERE TOO BIG! He skipped 36’s and the next day, traded them in for 34’s.

He’s down 13 pounds in 3 weeks and gone from a 38 to a 34 waist.

New Size 34 Jeans!

New Size 34 Jeans!

 Katie hit her 10%  She is looking great… AND getting asked out on dates!

Way to go Katie…

Katie Hits 10% Weight Loss! She's a TSFL Girl...

Katie Hits 10% Weight Loss! She's a TSFL Girl...

Sarah was down big today! Last week she had a bake/garage sale and we missed her. But she made up for being gone… Down over 5 Pounds this morning for a total of 31 POUNDS  Slimmer in 2 1/2 months on Take Shape For Life/Medifast… She also got busted by Betty… LOL  – The secret is out on her.
My Cousin Janet is down 29 Pounds! She is wearing new smaller clothes and trying new colors to spice up her new slimmer body!
She is feeling so much better… and looks great too!
My Cousin Janet 29 Lbs Slimmer!

My Cousin Janet 29 Lbs Slimmer!

Holly… She has been on Take Shape For Life the program for Diabetics now for 25 days.

In 25 days Holly has lost 19.2 Pounds. 

Now for the GOOD NEWS! Holly had been taking insulin shots morning and before bed every day for 19 Years!   Oral Meds 3-times a day and still not controlling her diabetes. Her sugars were in the 200’s!

After two weeks on the program for Diabetics:


No shots!

And… She has eliminated one of her afternoon meds.

Holly  celebrated her 10% and feels amazing!

Holly's Hits 10%. She too is a TSFL Girl!

Holly's Hits 10%. She too is a TSFL Girl!

CONGRATULATIONS …. CINDI CHILELLI… She has gone from a TSFL Client to a Health Coach! 
Mike, Nici and Cindi - A Take Shape for Life Family. BEFORE Photo!

Mike, Nici and Cindi - A Take Shape for Life Family. BEFORE Photo!

Getting ourselves healthy is the first step. 
Then showing our family and friends how to get health in theirs lives is next.
The best gift you can give some one you love is HEALTH.
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I Found Myself by Losing…One Hundred Pounds! I didn’t do it alone. I had and still have lots of support. “THANK YOU” for helping me.

 101.4 Lbs I don’t have to lug around any longer. Thank God… and a few others along the way.

To Dudley & Sherry Adair, my Take Shape For Life Health Coaches and dear friends…

THANK YOU BOTH,  AND…You were right! 

I do love this program and the amazing results.

Sherry & Dudley Adair, my friends and TSFL Health Coaches

Sherry & Dudley Adair, my friends and TSFL Health Coaches

I’d need to thank Betty Forsman, the most wonderful Weight Watchers Leader you could ever be blessed to have.   

Betty Forsmen My Weight Watcher Leader

Betty Forsmen My Weight Watcher Leader

All the great Folsom Staff at Weight Watchers & My WW friends/family. 
You ROCK! 
To Lynn Thomson who got the ball rolling some 3 years ago…
Lynn – Who’d of thought I be size 10 now! – WOW “
Thank You for saving my life and my health. 
I didn’t realize how bad it was going  – until I got healthy.  
2007 Lynn Thomson & Me at her Kiwanis Installation Dinner

2007 Lynn Thomson & Me at her Kiwanis Installation Dinner

To my wonderful husband, John Blonskij, he deserves an award or medal or something for enduring all my diets!
He has allowed me to experiment new recipes using him as my human guinea pig. More than once we had to scrap meals and start over.
God Bless My Dear Husband, he needs it living with me…
Hilda and Nataliya, my staff,  who are best cheer leaders every day of the week! Thank you for being here for me!
 (I’m sorry for the Shake explosion. I won’t do that again).
My crazy and wonderful cousins who cheer me on from the East & West Coasts, and all the way down South to TENN!  Wait until our next reunion… I’m getting a blond wig, sun glasses and a new “red” cowgirl hat from Nashville. I’ll  pull-up in a Chevy pickup truck… and you all will think it’s a movie crew coming to town! (If only Rosalie were alive… I can hear her now… “OMG she’s a movie star from Hollywood!!!”:) I love you all so very mcuh. I’m so happy we’re related. I mean that!
Hey Donna Conway ~ I’m going to need a new video next time we are in Nashville, now that I’m a skinny chick. Maybe we can get Carl Jr up on stage WITH US this time? Just kidding Carl.
To my cousin, Janet Wheeler who is on this journey with me… keep up the good work!
Alice Blonskij, my sister-in-law, who said it best;
You did it the right way”
No Shots ~ No Pill ~  No Surgery
Thank -you Alice for being there for me. 
To all my friends and family
I’ve kept it off for 8 days!
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“85” – Sugar Level This Morning!

For any one who struggles with diabetes let me share my husbands, John’s super news with you.

John has been on diabetes medication for several years and its been impossible to get his sugars under control.  His range has been from 180 to 230 for the longest time.

Currently he takes:

  • Metformin 850mg – 1 tablet, twice a day
  • Nabumetone 750mg – 1/4 tablet, twice a day

Even with these two medication his sugars were still running 120-130 at best.

This morning marked two weeks for John on The Take Shape For Life program.

He has lost 9 1/2 pounds.


His blood sugars have  leveled out and are “NORMAL”.

He took a blood test this morning BEFORE he took his meds …

…and his sugars tested at: “85”

This program is helping him get control of his diabetes.

I am very thankful.

If you are a diabetic, like my husband, and struggle to get your blood sugars under control consider a 5 week program to see if the Take Shape For Life Program can be of help to you.

The cost is $8.13 cents a day to be on program  – For 5 weeks that comes to: $284.50

 Give it a Try!

You’re worth it… and so is your health.

For more information send me an e-mail at:


John Blonskij Weighs In At… 199.5 pounds

I asked my husband today;  How do you think you’re  going to feel after losing 20 pounds? 

May24_2009TheCoast 029See his answer below.

 I am happy to report there was no kicking or screaming involved!

John had a good 1st day. 

After breakfast, our first meal replacement (eggs) this morning he and I scheduled out all our meals for the day. When we’d eat and what we’d have. At one point in all our running around today he said;  “We’ve got to get home so we can eat again”! That was pretty cool.

After his 3rd meal (Chicken & Wild Rice Soup) he said’  ” this is good”,  meaning he could do this and keep it up. 

I have to tell you however, about a month back, John said to me out of the clear blue sky, “So if I did this with you…  I’d have to give up wine, bread and fast food”? My reply was he’d have to rethink his entire way of eating! He got quiet and then said –  “Don’t order me anything thing just yet”.

 Then about two weeks later we were out with friends and he say’s; “Oh Joyce has ordered my stuff and I’m going on program”! Where that came from… I don’t know. But it was good. I knew he was inching closer to actually starting.

Well today was the day.  I asked him this morning if he wanted to get started and he was ready.  What’s interesting is everyone gets there in their own time. And that is what John did… he took his time. I wonder if he thought at first, oh Joyce is on another DIET, here she goes again. But as the days turned into my first three weeks and I’d lost more than I had in 18 months doing Weight Watchers. Well that got his attention.

Here I am 3 months into this and 30 pounds slimmer.  I look and feel great. I’m not just saying this to toot my own horn… Last evening at the Kiwanis Family House Italian DinnerI got to see some of my Kiwanis Friends that I haven’t seen since before I started Take Shape For Life.  I totally amazed them all. Ron said I am half the woman I use to be!   Bev Snow from my home club, Kiwanis Club of Roseville, said I looked great and healthy. That’s because, I am eating healthy!

I’m very excited John is taking off 20 pounds.  My hope for him is to not only get the weight off – but remove a couple of pre-diabetic meds he’s taking. We’ll just have to wait and see how that goes.

Follow along with us and read how well John Blonskij does on Take Shape For Life, Subscribe to my e-mail update at the top of the this blog. Don’t miss out.  

John’s answer was when I asked him how he was going to feel after losing 20 pounds?


4thJuly Tenn & River Cats Client Night 2003 074 

John Blonskij & Carl Campbell (Carl Jr) of McMinnville, TN