It was the night before Christmas, and What thoughts did it bring? My mind said to me…Why not have a big fling?


It was the night before Christmas and,

What thoughts did it bring?

My mind said to me.

Why not have a big fling?

There were pies in the oven,

Sugared nuts in the jar!

There were snacks for the party.

And booze in the bar.

No! I’ll resist the temptation,

I will keep a strong head,

I’ll not eat a bite!

And I climbed into bed.

When out of my stomach,

There came such a roar.

I sprang from the bed,

Landing flat on the floor.

Away to the kitchen,

I flew like a flash.

Tore open the fridge,

To do something RASH!

A light from within,

Gave off such a glow,

To the objects of food,

Laid on trays there below.

I was going to grab,

An odd goodie or two,

When into my mind,

Came my promise to you.

Before I could have,

Any snack food to eat,

I must put on my coat

And get out of my feet.

I got into my coat,

My warm gloves and shoes,

Determined to walk,

For the goodies I’d choose.

The moon on the breast,

Of the new fallen snow,

And on houses and trees,

Gave a sparkle and glow.

As I walked down the street,

My mind did recall,

The words that we’d spoken,

At the Dieters Hall.

Of leaders through which,

I ambitiously sat,

For words of encouragement,

To help shed this fat.

I spoke not a word,

When my walk was done,

I felt so renewed,

I knew I had won.

I walked past the kitchen,

Without turning my head.

I smiled in the mirror,

As I headed for bed.

And I said to myself,

As I turned out the light,

With my mind, will and body.

I have fought the good fight.



Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas!

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