Take Shape For Life (TSFL) Day # 9 On The Plan


Friday June 5th, 2009 – My morning weight is up +.6 @ 182.8 

Total of: -7.2 lbs. in 8 Days

Yesterday I started my day with coffee… 3 strong cups before 9am and it took its toll on me the entire day!  My hunger levels were bad even after eating my TSFL meals every 2 hours.  I attribute my high hunger levels to my over indulgence of caffeine! To cut the hunger I drank tons of water, and it showed up this morning on the scale.  I’m ok with this. It’s to be expected from time to time.  I also learned my lesson and will be more careful.

Today I was doing ok until my afternoon appointments ran back to back. I knew at one point I needed to eat so I grabbed a TSFL bar and a diet soda and it carried me over until I got home for dinner.  I had one of those head aches from waiting too long to eat. It  went away after I had dinner, a couple of aspirins, and a neck massage! It’s amazing what whining can get you after 33 years of marriage. (LOL)

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