Day #10 On The Plan

Saturday June 6th, 2009 – My morning weight is down -1.9lbs.  @ 180.9 

Total of: -9.1 after 9 days on the program.

I cut back the coffee both yesterday and again today and that made a huge difference in my hunger levels. Today for the first time my hunger level did not dip into the “hungry” zone.

Today my two challenges were an Annual Board of Directors Meeting for the Kiwanis Family House where lunch was served, and a late afternoon movie, which is code word for popcorn! I knew I had my day’s work cut out. I didn’t want to be hungry and have my resolve fade. I knew planning was the key. Even before I left for my 7 am Saturday morning Weight Watchers meeting I wrote out my plan of action for the day.

For some of you new to me and my blog, I rejoined Weight Watchers Sept 2006 and have had amazing success on their Core plan slimming down nearly 70 pounds in the process. Back in December of last year their Core and Flex Plans were merged and ever since my weight loss has stalled…plus I put on 3 pounds.  That’s why the TSFL plan was so appealing to me. It is a get down to business program and the weight comes off! I was ready to “re-set” myself and get back to losing weight and getting healthy. I continue with my Weight Watchers and my Sat. 7am meeting because the group is awesome. Their support is priceless, and the men and women there have become my second family.

Keeping the caffeine down and adding some veggies to the TSFL scrambled eggs helped propel me into late morning with no hunger problems. By the time lunch was served I let everyone get their food then I helped my self. I had my “green” meal which was lettuce, tomatoes, and a couple of dill pickle spears along with a TSFL Bar. It was perfect.  I did not feel denied at all. Which is amazing considering a few weeks ago I would have done this differently.

The movie went great too. I planned a TSFL Bar and took a baggie of radishes with me to munch on. We saw Angles and Demons with Tom Hanks and really enjoyed it. My husband and I had both read the Dan Brown book when it came out. I read it while in Rome with my girlfriend, Sonja and we traced the books steps as we read the chapters. That was so much fun.

Well I’m giving myself two gold stars for staying focused and on the plan today.

Want to lose weight and get healthy? I am here to help.

Joyce Blonskij, Independent Certified Optavia Coach

Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

Take Shape For Life (TSFL) company name was changed to Optavia

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