Take Shape For Life (TSFL) Day# 6 On The Plan


Tuesday June 2nd 2009 – My morning weight is 185.2  I stayed the same this morning.  My 5 day total is – 4.8 lbs

I must admit is wanted to see those .2 pounds gone this morning, but I’ll need to be patient… I know they will come off soon!

This morning I changed my routine up a bit. My plan is to eat all 5 of my TSFL meals by 5 pm and get more water in early in the day. I decided this because yesterday you may recall, I was daydreaming about grilled potatoes (yikes) on my drive home… I reasoned out that my hunger had dipped below where it should be.  I had been saving 2 meals plus dinner for after 5pm and frankly this is too much food and way too late in the day to be eating.  From today on my routine is to have all 5 TSFL meals consumed by 5ish, and then dinner by 7ish.  I can still have an optional snack if I find I am in the kitchen looking… you know what I mean. I’ll let you know how this works.


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