Take Shape For Life (TSFL) Day # 5 On The Plan


Monday June 1, 2009 – My morning weight is 185.2 for a new 4 day total of: -4.8

My first weekend on the program went well. I kept busy which was a big help, but I’d say the key was planning.  

Today I had one of those moments where potatoes were calling my name. Grilled with ketchup… then I realized I was driving and snapped out of it. I actually said out loud “not today – later”.  I am sticking to program.  I grilled onions instead and they were perfect.

I am hoping that I’ll lose those .2 pounds by Thursday and hit 185.  If I do great! And if I don’t… that’s OK too.  I just remind myself that in the last 2 ½ year on WW I’ve never dropped this much in one weeks time!

Here is the link to my program if you’d like more information. 


I’m happy to get back to my week day routine and settle back into a schedule.

Thanks for following my journey.  

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