Day #11 On The Plan

Sunday June 7th, 2009 – My morning weight is down -.5 lbs.  @ 180.4 

Total of: -9.6 after 10 days on the program.

Sunday mornings we typically cook a big family breakfast and my husband is in the kitchen doing just that as I type this post.  I had to get out of the kitchen!

Before I sat down just now, I was already thinking of making an egg white scramble with some ground turkey – splitting up my “Lean & Green” meal.  BUT – I can’t forget week # 1 looking back at my journal – eating egg whites for breakfast vs. a TSFL meal slowed my weight loss. I really don’t want to do this to myself again. I decided to type my post and plan my food journal for the next three days. I needed to give myself some time to think about this before I regret my actions.

If I weren’t losing weight, I could easily see where I’d have no problem convincing myself this detour would be ok. But with my success so far,  -9.6 pounds after 10 days on the program… my desired out come means more to me than one breakfast meal.


I will be starting my day with a TSFL breakfast I enjoy, “peach oatmeal”. I have a smile on my face typing this post, because I know I’ve made a great decision this morning that will propel my day, and I feel really good about it.  I’m giving myself a gold star for taking a step back and giving me the time I needed to make the best choice for my day going forward.

Time for breakfast!

Want to lose weight and get healthy? I am here to help.

Joyce Blonskij, Independent Certified Optavia Coach

Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

Take Shape For Life (TSFL) company name was changed to Optavia

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