Take Shape For Life

It was like Christmas this morning in my office… UPS arrived with my Take Shape For Life box of food. So many packages in one big box!  I have enough food for 5 small daily meals for the next 35 days. From scrambled eggs to puddings! One meal a day I cook or eat out which is a lean protein and 2 servings of something green. (No – not M&M’s silly)!


I love to read the Nutritional Facts on the packages and interestingly enough most of the product calories range from 90 to 100 per serving. The sodium is in the 180mg to 250mg range so it should have some flavor – which is appreciated. There are about 12g of carbohydrates, a tiny amount of total fat from 0.5g to 3 grams, and +/- 2 grams of sugars in the products. I understand from the materials they have a plan for diabetics. The best part is there is from 4 to 5 grams of fiber per serving! Fiber is our friend.


For the fun of it I will figure out the WW points per serving and report that back in the next post.  So follow my daily progress starting now.

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