Day 1 of 35 is here!

It’s Thursday morning May 28, 2009 and my day is planned out which only took me about 15 minutes last night to do. I decided to split up my cooked meal and have a typical breakfast of 3 egg whites and hot tea, and eat smaller portion of fish (5.6 oz) for dinner tonight. 4 of my 5 TSFL meals will be eaten at work today about 2 ½ hours apart and they are going to be: oatmeal, soup, shake and a bar. I need 8 – 8 oz of water and planned them for about 30 minutes after each meal. My last TSFL meal is chocolate pudding after dinner.

I figured the WW points on the products and they pretty much all come out as 1 point per meal. So far I found only one that was 2 points. I’m not counting them, but just wanted to see where it stacked up with WW.

My starting weight this morning is 190. (I’m up a couple of lbs. after two weekends of Birthday and Anniversary celebrating)… I wanted to give myself a goal. I really don’t know how my body will react or feel. The average loss is from -2 to -5 a week. I’d be thrilled at 175 but if I drop -10 I’m delighted too! So my goal range is -10 to -15 for the next 35 days. If I do more, great.

Here I go…Joyce

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