A Gift of Science & Life. Getting off Insulin Shots…Holly’s story, and she’s sticking to it!

In 25 days on Medifast/Take Shape For Life Health Plan, Holly  lost 19.2 Pounds. But that’s NOT the most exciting news I want to share with you today!

Holly had been taking insulin shots daily.  Every morning and again before bed, for the past 19 Years!   PLUS — Oral Meds 3-times-a-day… and still not controlling her diabetes. Her sugars “were” in the mid to high 200’s!

In less than a month, Holly is Off  INSULIN – No shots!

She has eliminated one of her afternoon meds.

Holly has taken back her health in less than a months time!

If you are reading this and thinking… ok that’s one person, let me knock you for a loop.  Joe, a type 1 diabetic, has had the same great results on this health plan! 

Holly and Joe both feel better, from the inside out!

“A Gift of Science & A Gift of Life”

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Celebrations! …as more and more of my family and friends lose weight and hit new goals! John, Katie, Sarah, Janet Wheeler, Holly, & “Cindi Chilelli “New Health Coach”!

My husband, John loves CostCo and this week picked up a pair of jeans size 36… They didn’t fit!  THEY WERE TOO BIG! He skipped 36’s and the next day, traded them in for 34’s.

He’s down 13 pounds in 3 weeks and gone from a 38 to a 34 waist.

New Size 34 Jeans!

New Size 34 Jeans!

 Katie hit her 10%  She is looking great… AND getting asked out on dates!

Way to go Katie…

Katie Hits 10% Weight Loss! She's a TSFL Girl...

Katie Hits 10% Weight Loss! She's a TSFL Girl...

Sarah was down big today! Last week she had a bake/garage sale and we missed her. But she made up for being gone… Down over 5 Pounds this morning for a total of 31 POUNDS  Slimmer in 2 1/2 months on Take Shape For Life/Medifast… She also got busted by Betty… LOL  – The secret is out on her.
My Cousin Janet is down 29 Pounds! She is wearing new smaller clothes and trying new colors to spice up her new slimmer body!
She is feeling so much better… and looks great too!
My Cousin Janet 29 Lbs Slimmer!

My Cousin Janet 29 Lbs Slimmer!

Holly… She has been on Take Shape For Life the program for Diabetics now for 25 days.

In 25 days Holly has lost 19.2 Pounds. 

Now for the GOOD NEWS! Holly had been taking insulin shots morning and before bed every day for 19 Years!   Oral Meds 3-times a day and still not controlling her diabetes. Her sugars were in the 200’s!

After two weeks on the program for Diabetics:


No shots!

And… She has eliminated one of her afternoon meds.

Holly  celebrated her 10% and feels amazing!

Holly's Hits 10%. She too is a TSFL Girl!

Holly's Hits 10%. She too is a TSFL Girl!

CONGRATULATIONS …. CINDI CHILELLI… She has gone from a TSFL Client to a Health Coach! 
Mike, Nici and Cindi - A Take Shape for Life Family. BEFORE Photo!

Mike, Nici and Cindi - A Take Shape for Life Family. BEFORE Photo!

Getting ourselves healthy is the first step. 
Then showing our family and friends how to get health in theirs lives is next.
The best gift you can give some one you love is HEALTH.
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Diabetes Must Be Taken Seriousely – Diet is a big factor in blood sugar and after one week on Take Shape For Life he tested in the “Normal” range!

101 for Diabetics – – Getting your Blood Sugars in a “Normal” range, is crucial to getting this disease under control.

Joe is about 30 pounds over weight. Mid 50’s. Yard work and home projects are his exercise, other than that he works behind a desk all week long.  He’s married and has been pre-diabetic for about four years now.  Joe is taking oral medications only. He has not had to go the route of insulin shots, thank God for him.

Have a look at Joe’s BEFORE chart going back to 2007  – Blood Sugar Levels:

A Blood Sugar "Normal Range" is 90 to 110 give or take...

A Blood Sugar "Normal Range" is 90 to 110 give or take...

About May of 2009 in addition to his Metformin, Glipizide was added (1 twice a day) to try and bring down his levels. It worked – but it caused his levels to drop too low, so he had to back off the dosage.

Glipizide 1 tablet twice a day was added to the Metformin to bring his levels down.

Glipizide 1 tablet twice a day was added to the Metformin to bring his levels down.

Then Joe decided to go on Take Shape For Life program.  He started Sunday September 20th, 2009. 

About a week after he started losing weight …he checked his blood sugar levels. 

They had dropped into a “Normal” range. 

Now,  just finishing his 3rd week his blood sugars are in the 90’s.  Joe shared with me that he had not taken either of his medications this past Sunday and his sugars tested 97 in the morning and 90 in the evening. Joe is doing great!

His Blood Sugars are testing Normal!

His Blood Sugars are testing Normal!

Diabetes & Obesity Are Taking Over Our Country! 

Time to get both under control. 

Please check with your Doctor before starting a weight loss program.

If you’d like more information about Take Shape For Life Diabetics Program please give me a call at (916) 812-2378

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I’m delighted for Joe and his family.

Joe – Keep up the great work … and I’ll see less of you soon!

PS: Thanks for sharing!

There Lived A Young Woman in Fair Oaks Named “Holly”. Who has slowly been losing the war with DIABETES – Until this past week!

 Holly’s Story…

Holly is and has been a DIABETIC for the past 19 years of her young life. 

I did the math last night and taking 4 insulin shots a day, on average for nearly two decades… she has given  herself some where in the neighborhood of:


27,700 Injections of Insulin – OUCH!

That is just so hard to process in my head.

GET A FRESH BOX OF KLEENEX because you are going to cry and laugh and cry some more as you follow Holly’s heroic story.

I met Holly and her sister Rose at my Saturday morning Weight Watchers meeting a while back.  These two are a crack up. Their love for each other is transparent and contagious.

Here we are at 6:45am every Saturday morning; coffee in hand, stepping up to get weighed… and sharing our ups and down’s with each other. Getting ideas and motivation form everyone there.

Well Holly like me – got stuck!  She was not losing weight. Last week, and after a couple of previous emails to me on what I was doing to get such great results… here comes in another email from Holly.  I knew she meant business this time!

I sent her a note back and that was late last Sunday night. I asked her to call me Monday and I’d answer all of her questions. 

What I love about Holly is she is direct and to the point. I answered my phone that next day, and Holly was on the other end. She told me who she was, and didn’t need to, because I recognized her voice instantly and the next words out of her mouth were profound,


If you can imagine a voice on the other end of a phone; spoken quickly and to the point saying OKWhat do I have to do to get started“?  I knew she meant business and was ready to take the next step. I was ready for her.

I asked her to come to my house after work that night.  I’d give her enough meal replacements out of my own supply so that she could start the next morning and not delay, not even one day.  Holly is such a crack up… here is the jest what she said next.

“OK – Let me think about that “  1/2 second later “OK – I thought about it. How can I refuse such a great offer? I’m IN”! 🙂

That night Holly and she sister Rose came by my house for some one-on-one do’s and how to’s. That’s when I got the full impact of Holly’s story. 

Holly has been on insulin for nineteen years….


In addition to shots Holly also takes oral medications for her diabetes.

Holly’s diabetes was getting to the point her medical doctors had recently advised her to go on a

  • Liquid FAST.
  • Drop 50 pounds right away…
  • So her doctor could go in and CUT OUT part of her stomach!

They were dead serious.

Holly’s blood sugars were out of control. 

Her doctors were warning her that she was at a critical juncture in her disease.

 Her story begins now…

DAY 1 on Take Shap for Life – It’s Tuesday Morning and Game On!

Please come back and follow Holly’s journey.  You’ll be thrilled when you see and read her progress in turning back her disease and losing weigth.

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Be Well & Be healthy! Joyce