A Gift of Science & Life. Getting off Insulin Shots…Holly’s story, and she’s sticking to it!

In 25 days on Medifast/Take Shape For Life Health Plan, Holly  lost 19.2 Pounds. But that’s NOT the most exciting news I want to share with you today!

Holly had been taking insulin shots daily.  Every morning and again before bed, for the past 19 Years!   PLUS — Oral Meds 3-times-a-day… and still not controlling her diabetes. Her sugars “were” in the mid to high 200’s!

In less than a month, Holly is Off  INSULIN – No shots!

She has eliminated one of her afternoon meds.

Holly has taken back her health in less than a months time!

If you are reading this and thinking… ok that’s one person, let me knock you for a loop.  Joe, a type 1 diabetic, has had the same great results on this health plan! 

Holly and Joe both feel better, from the inside out!

“A Gift of Science & A Gift of Life”

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