RELENTLESS PURSUIT! Ladies Brace Yourselves… Meet A PRO, Grigori Atoyan – NPC USA Champion and MY TRAINER!

November 2009 Musclar Development article and photos of Grigori Atoyan

Grigori Atoyan 2009 NPC USA Champion

I met Grigori Atoyan (he goes by Greg) over 10 years ago when he worked as a fitness trainer at 24 Hr. Fitness in Folsom.  Greg was my trainer back then and although I was still over weight, I was fit and strong.

Now that I’ve lost over 100 pounds I went looking for Greg  to ask him to help me tone, firm-up, and gain muscle definition.  I found Greg at his Max Muscle in Gold River

I wanted to surprise Greg but with caller ID I was busted. He was all smiles when he saw me drive up to his store and get out of my car. He came out to meet me saying “I knew it was you”! 

We’re both older.

I’m smaller.

Greg is BIGGER…

He looks awesome!

Check out the November 2009 Muscular Development Magazine. Page 202 – 213 Greg’s amazing 20 year-long journey of body building, which started in his home country Armenia.

I’ve just completed my first week of  training with Greg. I trained two days and did cardio five. I am very excited to be working with Greg again.

For those still in the weight loss phase I would suggest that you take it easy.  30 minutes of moderate cardio, 3 to 5 days a week is very good. If you start burning lots of calories working out… you may slow or stop your weight loss. 

After losing 100 pounds and only 11 more to go to my optimal weight, I don’t mind slowing down my weight loss  in order to tone and get muscle definition.

Greg Atoyan and Joyce Blonskij Workout Arms.

1st Work Out


I Found Myself by Losing…One Hundred Pounds! I didn’t do it alone. I had and still have lots of support. “THANK YOU” for helping me.

 101.4 Lbs I don’t have to lug around any longer. Thank God… and a few others along the way.

To Dudley & Sherry Adair, my Take Shape For Life Health Coaches and dear friends…

THANK YOU BOTH,  AND…You were right! 

I do love this program and the amazing results.

Sherry & Dudley Adair, my friends and TSFL Health Coaches

Sherry & Dudley Adair, my friends and TSFL Health Coaches

I’d need to thank Betty Forsman, the most wonderful Weight Watchers Leader you could ever be blessed to have.   

Betty Forsmen My Weight Watcher Leader

Betty Forsmen My Weight Watcher Leader

All the great Folsom Staff at Weight Watchers & My WW friends/family. 
You ROCK! 
To Lynn Thomson who got the ball rolling some 3 years ago…
Lynn – Who’d of thought I be size 10 now! – WOW “
Thank You for saving my life and my health. 
I didn’t realize how bad it was going  – until I got healthy.  
2007 Lynn Thomson & Me at her Kiwanis Installation Dinner

2007 Lynn Thomson & Me at her Kiwanis Installation Dinner

To my wonderful husband, John Blonskij, he deserves an award or medal or something for enduring all my diets!
He has allowed me to experiment new recipes using him as my human guinea pig. More than once we had to scrap meals and start over.
God Bless My Dear Husband, he needs it living with me…
Hilda and Nataliya, my staff,  who are best cheer leaders every day of the week! Thank you for being here for me!
 (I’m sorry for the Shake explosion. I won’t do that again).
My crazy and wonderful cousins who cheer me on from the East & West Coasts, and all the way down South to TENN!  Wait until our next reunion… I’m getting a blond wig, sun glasses and a new “red” cowgirl hat from Nashville. I’ll  pull-up in a Chevy pickup truck… and you all will think it’s a movie crew coming to town! (If only Rosalie were alive… I can hear her now… “OMG she’s a movie star from Hollywood!!!”:) I love you all so very mcuh. I’m so happy we’re related. I mean that!
Hey Donna Conway ~ I’m going to need a new video next time we are in Nashville, now that I’m a skinny chick. Maybe we can get Carl Jr up on stage WITH US this time? Just kidding Carl.
To my cousin, Janet Wheeler who is on this journey with me… keep up the good work!
Alice Blonskij, my sister-in-law, who said it best;
You did it the right way”
No Shots ~ No Pill ~  No Surgery
Thank -you Alice for being there for me. 
To all my friends and family
I’ve kept it off for 8 days!
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My First Pair of SIZE 10 Pants! (baby’s got new shoes)

A New Day, A New Me!
I am ecstatic about losing the 100 lbs.
AND…Losing another 1.5 lbs today made me even happier.
This afternoon I headed over to Dress Barn “Misses” and picked up my FIRST pair of size 10 pants! I don’t ever remember wearing anything less than a fourteen, even in high school… So I’m feeling pretty darn skinny right at the moment….and it feels good.
Me – Size 10!
October 07, 2009
October 07, 2009

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