My First Pair of SIZE 10 Pants! (baby’s got new shoes)

A New Day, A New Me!
I am ecstatic about losing the 100 lbs.
AND…Losing another 1.5 lbs today made me even happier.
This afternoon I headed over to Dress Barn “Misses” and picked up my FIRST pair of size 10 pants! I don’t ever remember wearing anything less than a fourteen, even in high school… So I’m feeling pretty darn skinny right at the moment….and it feels good.
Me – Size 10!
October 07, 2009
October 07, 2009

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2 thoughts on “My First Pair of SIZE 10 Pants! (baby’s got new shoes)

  1. Joyce! You look fantastic!!!!!!!! I’m very proud of you. Who would have thought that meeting you at a BNI event in Roseville would have had such a dramatic impact. My life has been changed forever and I’m sure we’ll be spending time together for many years to come.

    Your are an inspiration to me!


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