RELENTLESS PURSUIT! Ladies Brace Yourselves… Meet A PRO, Grigori Atoyan – NPC USA Champion and MY TRAINER!

November 2009 Musclar Development article and photos of Grigori Atoyan

Grigori Atoyan 2009 NPC USA Champion

I met Grigori Atoyan (he goes by Greg) over 10 years ago when he worked as a fitness trainer at 24 Hr. Fitness in Folsom.  Greg was my trainer back then and although I was still over weight, I was fit and strong. Now that I’ve lost over 100 pounds I went looking for Greg  to ask him to help me tone, firm-up, and gain muscle definition.  I found Greg at his Max Muscle in Gold River… I wanted to surprise Greg but with caller ID I was busted. He was all smiles when he saw me drive up to his store and get out of my car. He came out to meet me saying “I knew it was you”! 

We’re both older.

I’m smaller.

Greg is BIGGER…

He looks awesome!

Check out the November 2009 Muscular Development Magazine. Page 202 – 213 Greg’s amazing 20 year-long journey of body building, which started in his home country Armenia. I’ve just completed my first week of  training with Greg. I trained two days and did cardio five. I am very excited to be working with Greg again. For those still in the weight loss phase I would suggest that you take it easy.  30 minutes of moderate cardio, 3 to 5 days a week is very good. If you start burning lots of calories working out… you may slow or stop your weight loss. After losing 100 pounds and only 11 more to go to my optimal weight, I don’t mind slowing down my weight loss  in order to tone and get muscle definition.
Greg Atoyan and Joyce Blonskij Workout Arms.

1st Work Out

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