Tip #18: Weekend Rewards to Lose Weight.

30 tips in 30 days. Get better health, and see better results.

So many times, we fall into the trap that we’re good all week long, and now we want to reward ourselves with something. And boom – we splurge on the weekend. Whether it’s an adult beverage, or something chocolaty and indulgent… we take the plunge.

The problem with being good all week and then bad on the weekends is as-soon-as Monday hits, you feel guilty that you messed up all those great days. So what happens is is you’re in a vicious cycle.

Get out of your own bad habits of rewarding yourself Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday, with food. Because what you’re doing is you’re setting yourself up for long-term failure.

This weekend instead of indulging in food, do an activity. Grab your kids, grab your significant other, put the dog on a leash, and go for a walk.  Take the family for a fun day. What you really want is long-term success. Don’t let those few hours on the weekend mess up all your good work.

Transform Yourself.

With 30-tips in 30-days it’s easy.  Lose 2- to 5-lbs in the first two weeks, and lose 1- to 2-lbs weekly thereafter. Results may vary.

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