Take Shape For Life (TSFL) Day #18 On The Plan


June 14th, 2009 – Flag Day!

My morning weight is up .2 lbs.  @ 179.6 

Total of: 10.4 in 17 days on the program.

Since joining Weight Watchers in Sept of 2006 I have lost weight steadily, that is up until the last 5 ½ months.  I hit a wall.  Yesterday morning at my Weight Watchers meeting I hit one of my major goals.  Thanks to TSFL I have broken through the wall  and have lost a total of -75 pounds! Hip Hip Hooray For Me! It’s actually a relief more than a celebration because it took so long it reach.

I am happy to be back. Seeing my weight go down is very motivating and makes me want to hit 175 now more than ever. I can see it happening which up to a couple of weeks ago was just not there.

Some of you may look at a .2 up this morning and that would bum you out especially knowing you did everything right. It doesn’t bother me that way.  I just know that slow and steady is going to be the best way to lose and keep it off. The little daily up’s are not getting in the way of my long term goals.

This is working!

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