Take Shape for Life (TSFL) 4 Weeks Completed


Slimmer by another 2.1 pounds this week! 

My 4 week total weight loss  is: -13.2 pounds @ 176.8

Down another 2.1 pounds this week.

I have to share with you all that on the weekend I did veer off program but just a little bit.  I had to have a steak Saturday night. AND I was not going to weigh it! It was cooked just right and I enjoyed every bite… the next morning I was heavier by 2 pounds, but that is a pattern I know will happen.  I knew it before starting in on my meal.  It was worth it, and I knew it was not an every day thing.

Sunday, Fathers Day, I enjoyed some good food and a glass of imported wine our cousin Esther Ritter brought back with her from a trip to Chile. She was the camera woman for Darrell Corti food and wine expert from Sacramento ,on their a trip to Chile. The wine was awesome. Check out her video’s on www.oodleboxtv.com

Last Monday was my day to completely go SALT FREE and I made it and saw a 1 pound drop the next morning. I’m convinced that to keep from retaining water I need to commit to a couple a days a week “salt-free” days. It’s harder than giving up coffee! But the results are worth it.

I’ve been really good about weighing my evening meals to keep the portions at where they should be – and not the size my eyes think it aught to be.

Now I’ve got to schedule the gym into my calendar and when I’m done here that’s what I’m doing next.

Wish me luck that I hit the 175 mark on or before next Thursday!

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