I Found Myself by Losing…One Hundred Pounds! I didn’t do it alone. I had and still have lots of support. “THANK YOU” for helping me.

 101.4 Lbs I don’t have to lug around any longer. Thank God… and a few others along the way.

To Dudley & Sherry Adair, my Take Shape For Life Health Coaches and dear friends…

THANK YOU BOTH,  AND…You were right! 

I do love this program and the amazing results.

Sherry & Dudley Adair, my friends and TSFL Health Coaches

Sherry & Dudley Adair, my friends and TSFL Health Coaches

I’d need to thank Betty Forsman, the most wonderful Weight Watchers Leader you could ever be blessed to have.   

Betty Forsmen My Weight Watcher Leader

Betty Forsmen My Weight Watcher Leader

All the great Folsom Staff at Weight Watchers & My WW friends/family. 
You ROCK! 
To Lynn Thomson who got the ball rolling some 3 years ago…
Lynn – Who’d of thought I be size 10 now! – WOW “
Thank You for saving my life and my health. 
I didn’t realize how bad it was going  – until I got healthy.  
2007 Lynn Thomson & Me at her Kiwanis Installation Dinner

2007 Lynn Thomson & Me at her Kiwanis Installation Dinner

To my wonderful husband, John Blonskij, he deserves an award or medal or something for enduring all my diets!
He has allowed me to experiment new recipes using him as my human guinea pig. More than once we had to scrap meals and start over.
God Bless My Dear Husband, he needs it living with me…
Hilda and Nataliya, my staff,  who are best cheer leaders every day of the week! Thank you for being here for me!
 (I’m sorry for the Shake explosion. I won’t do that again).
My crazy and wonderful cousins who cheer me on from the East & West Coasts, and all the way down South to TENN!  Wait until our next reunion… I’m getting a blond wig, sun glasses and a new “red” cowgirl hat from Nashville. I’ll  pull-up in a Chevy pickup truck… and you all will think it’s a movie crew coming to town! (If only Rosalie were alive… I can hear her now… “OMG she’s a movie star from Hollywood!!!”:) I love you all so very mcuh. I’m so happy we’re related. I mean that!
Hey Donna Conway ~ I’m going to need a new video next time we are in Nashville, now that I’m a skinny chick. Maybe we can get Carl Jr up on stage WITH US this time? Just kidding Carl.
To my cousin, Janet Wheeler who is on this journey with me… keep up the good work!
Alice Blonskij, my sister-in-law, who said it best;
You did it the right way”
No Shots ~ No Pill ~  No Surgery
Thank -you Alice for being there for me. 
To all my friends and family
I’ve kept it off for 8 days!
Please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at: Joyce@Blonskij.com

Down 25 Lbs. in 10 Weeks!

 I got Fat because I ate the wrong foods 3 times a day. 

Now I am losing the Fat…

…I eat all the right foods 6 times a day!

Back on the 28th of May 2009 – I weighed in at 190 pounds after being stuck in a five pound range for 18 months doing Weight Watchers. Talk about getting discouraged… Then I was introduced to a life changing program, Take Shape For Life (TSFL).

At the end of 10 weeks I weighed at 165.0!

I’ve gone for a tight size 16 to a baggy size 12

My friend at Weight Watchers sent me a note that she didn’t know scales got that low? Well mine is going lower! I am still on program and have more weight to drop.

If you have said to yourself… “I have to do something” I have found the magic to getting us all Healthy and Losing Weight!

This is an amazing program. I eat all day long pretty much. Small portion controlled meal replacements and one home cooked meal or I dine out.

Here is what it’s NOT:

  • It’s not a liquid diet. Yuck!
  • There are no pills or shots!
  • You will not be counting points!
  • You won’t starve or be hungry… ever!

Here is what you WILL do:

  • EAT! 6 to 7 times a day… about every three hours – “How cool is this”?
  • You CAN Lose 15-30 Lbs. in 30 Days! Some will lose more and a few of you will cheat and lose less…sorry,  just a fact of life.
  • As you slim down it will help and possibly eliminate your Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Menopause symptoms!

This is changing my life and it can change yours too.

Have you said you needed to do something? Well this is it. Give it a try for 5 weeks like I did, and you’ll swear by this program.  Call me for more information at 916-812-2378 or visit my Health Coach Web Site at www.BrillianceBy.TSFL.com

Joyce Blonskij ~ Health Coach for TSFL ID # 30042893 / August 9, 2009

E- mail me at: joyce.blonskij@surewest.net

Take Shape For Life (TSFL) Day #17 On The Plan


June 13th, 2009 – My morning weight is down -.1 lbs.  @ 179.4

Total of: 10.6 pounds in 16 days on the program.

Yesterday I attended an awards banquet hosted by The Kiwanis  Club  of Tahoe. The Tahoe Sunrisers.  I wanted to stay focused and do some planning if I was going to stay on program for the day. 

I planned a snack for the 2 hour car ride and put pink lemonade “the zero calories to go packet” in ice water, and sipped on it to keep me hydrated and satisfied.  By the time we got to Stanford Camp up at Fallen Leaf Lake I was more interested in checking out the camp while we still had sunlight. The scenery was stunning. 

pic 2

At the cocktail party I spent my time outside on the patio meeting the guest. I remembered from one of my Weight Watchers meetings that you don’t want to hang out next to the food table and I didn’t.

The dinner was a 5 course meal… by the time it was served I was in control, not starving, but I was ready for dinner. 

I enjoyed:

  • 4 oz +/- Cream of Potato Soup, with fresh crushed black pepper.
  • A salad of baby green lettuce (some kind of cheese I put to the side)
  • 3 oz of grilled blacken Salmon –an estimate of the portion.
  • 1 – 1oz slice of prime rib and a dab of creamed horseradish
  • A hand full of grilled asparagus and green onions.
  • Water & a cup of French Roasted Gourmet Coffee

 I passed on the potatoes, some type of pasta dish, and the desserts. For those of you, like my best friend Sonja, who live for that chocolate fix… you would have died and gone to heaven to see what the gentleman beside me was eating. OMGosh!

 When the evening was all over I was happy with myself. I loved the drive up the hill and the lake was gorgeous.  I met many caring and community minded people.  I was honored and humbled to accept the donation they awarded to the Kiwanis Family House. It was a very good day!