Tip #17: Step into a Healthier Life.

30 tips in 30 days. Get better health, and see better results.

With winter here, it’s so easy, even for me, to go home, put on my warm snuggly clothes, turn on the TV or computer, sit on the sofa, and call the dog.  I’m done for the night.

So instead of going home and putting on your snuggly clothes, throw on your workout clothes. Even though it’s cold outside, you can bundle up, get out, get some exercise, and move. Then come back in and snuggle with your dog or the one you love.

So get out there, and exercise before you start to settle down for the night.

Transform Yourself.

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Move More…and Eat More Often! I like this a lot better than the old saying Move More/Eat Less!

Move more… and eat less!  We’ve all heard this time and again. Well it’s sort of true. You do need to watch what you eat and reduce calories to lose weight. But the fact of the matter is, just cutting back on calories may hurt you by reducing your muscle mass, which is just the opposite of losing FAT!

The BETTER News is Move More and Eat More Often… Eating 6 or 7 small portion controlled healthy meals all through the day,  is a great way to get your body revved up while you’re: burning fat not muscle. You’ll be in a better mood which your co-workers and family will appreciate, and this will help to control your blood sugars!  Best of all, if you do it right – YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT & GET HEALTHY!

Calories In v.s Energy Out

You’ve got to get moving in your day.

STOP fighting it.  Just make a decision to START. AND DO IT!

I’m not talking about running 30 miles your first day or this time next year.  I am suggesting a:

15 to 20 walk every day. Walk the neighborhood or a mall.

Taking the stairs.

Parking at the end of the lot instead of next to the door.

Take the kids or the dog to the park and play. (If you have a crazy cat like me… take the dog… and the cat will follow! 🙂

Stretching every day during TV commercials! That means getting out of the chair and touching your toes a couple of times an hour.

Bottom line is:  MOVE IT!

Start out easy… and work up to 30 minutes.

All you need is a pair of tennis shoes and a jacket.

Oh, don’t forget the dog.  He/she will thank you later!

Walk N Hike on Old Oak Ave Folsom with my boy

A 30 minute walk is a good way to get moving.

Don’t wait for January to roll around.

Start now!

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Take a first step and get moving… lose weight and feel great. Take Shape For Life