John Blonskij Weighs In At… 199.5 pounds

I asked my husband today;  How do you think you’re  going to feel after losing 20 pounds? 

May24_2009TheCoast 029See his answer below.

 I am happy to report there was no kicking or screaming involved!

John had a good 1st day. 

After breakfast, our first meal replacement (eggs) this morning he and I scheduled out all our meals for the day. When we’d eat and what we’d have. At one point in all our running around today he said;  “We’ve got to get home so we can eat again”! That was pretty cool.

After his 3rd meal (Chicken & Wild Rice Soup) he said’  ” this is good”,  meaning he could do this and keep it up. 

I have to tell you however, about a month back, John said to me out of the clear blue sky, “So if I did this with you…  I’d have to give up wine, bread and fast food”? My reply was he’d have to rethink his entire way of eating! He got quiet and then said –  “Don’t order me anything thing just yet”.

 Then about two weeks later we were out with friends and he say’s; “Oh Joyce has ordered my stuff and I’m going on program”! Where that came from… I don’t know. But it was good. I knew he was inching closer to actually starting.

Well today was the day.  I asked him this morning if he wanted to get started and he was ready.  What’s interesting is everyone gets there in their own time. And that is what John did… he took his time. I wonder if he thought at first, oh Joyce is on another DIET, here she goes again. But as the days turned into my first three weeks and I’d lost more than I had in 18 months doing Weight Watchers. Well that got his attention.

Here I am 3 months into this and 30 pounds slimmer.  I look and feel great. I’m not just saying this to toot my own horn… Last evening at the Kiwanis Family House Italian DinnerI got to see some of my Kiwanis Friends that I haven’t seen since before I started Take Shape For Life.  I totally amazed them all. Ron said I am half the woman I use to be!   Bev Snow from my home club, Kiwanis Club of Roseville, said I looked great and healthy. That’s because, I am eating healthy!

I’m very excited John is taking off 20 pounds.  My hope for him is to not only get the weight off – but remove a couple of pre-diabetic meds he’s taking. We’ll just have to wait and see how that goes.

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John’s answer was when I asked him how he was going to feel after losing 20 pounds?


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John Blonskij & Carl Campbell (Carl Jr) of McMinnville, TN


Take Shape For Life (TSFL) – Two weeks completed


Two weeks completed and 9.8 pounds slimmer! I am so happy to be back to losing weight and relieved too. I was in limbo for the past 5 monthsbut not any more. This is just what I needed to pull it all back together and kick start myself.

This morning when I weighted I had a flash back to Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper the trainers and fitness experts from The Biggest Loser, telling contestants that the 2nd week was typically not a good week on the scale. All things considered I’m real good with a 2 pound loss for week.  I would have liked to see that .2 go away and make it an even 10 pounds for the 14 days… but it wasn’t coming off this morning! I did consider flossing and clipping my nails, but ah what the heck – tomorrow is another day and another pound gone.

This coming week my challenge will be an Awards Dinner tomorrow night at Fallen Leaf Lake, that’s up in So Lake Tahoe, and one of my favorite spots around. I’m receiving funds on behalf of The Kiwanis Family House.  I called today and found out its going to be buffet so that should be easy for me. I’ll eat my lean and green – no wine however.  That will be harder… I’ll be the designated driver so it will work out. River Cats Baseball on Sunday – I have that figured out, and I survived no problems again at the pizza parlor Wednesday – so that’s cool.

This week I am going to work on “cutting back” on the salt with my dinners, which is harder than giving up my glass of wine. I’m cutting back – not cutting out! I want to see if this helps with my weight loss this coming week.