IT IS POSSIBLE: A New, Sexy, Smaller Bathing Suit. Summer is just around the corner… and so is a slimmer you!

Before you roll your eye and shake your head let me just say… IT IS POSSIBLE! You can be wearing a new, sexy bathing suit before you know it. I’m not making this up either. It happen for me and it can happen for you too.

Have a look at me in a bathing suit when I “thought” I looked good! OMG did I need a reality check. Wearing a  3xxx size 24 from Macy’s.

Joyce, Cabo San Lucas - Size 24

This photo was taken by my cousin Donna in 2002 and is one of the slimmer photos I have!

Now 100 pounds slimmer I much prefer this photo also taken pool side in Cabo just 3 weeks ago!

Joyce - Cabo Dec 2009 - Size 8/10

 OK here is a new reality… What day are you reading this post?  In 365 days from today you can be healthier, slimmer, and physically in the best shape of your life. Decide to stop the insanity. Stop dieting and start a new life of health and mental well being.  It can start as soon as right now.

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Let me show you how to get the weight off and feel great for the rest of your life.

Joyce Blonskij, 100 pounds smaller and ready to help you take your first steps to a happier you!

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Happy New Year!

Take Shape For Life (TSFL) 3rd Week Completed


pic 3

Three weeks have flown by, and I am very happy to report 

11.1 Pounds Slimmer!

My daily average loss is just over ½ pound a day  =  3.7 per week.

 I wanted to chart my daily weight up’s and down’s to get a birds eye view on how my progress has gone so far.  It looks good. Trending down…. A few days there I was getting impatient waiting for what I knew would be a drop in my weight. I was sure the weight would come off but it was coming off at its own sweet time. 

My cloths are definitely looser and some are down right baggie.

Now that my first three weeks are completed I can incorporate exercise into my weekly routine again.  I can’t wait to hit the gym. 

 Last night, me and my dog went for a long, hour and thirty minute brisk walk. It felt really good to get moving again. 

 My weekly goal will be to hit the gym 3 days and get cardio in 6 out of 7 days for the next two weeks.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Take Shape For Life (TSFL) Day # 3 On The Plan


My morning weight is down another 2 lbs. at 185.4 For a 2 day total of -4.6


Today (Saturday) I’ve been busy and ran errands for about four hours this afternoon. I planned to have a Lemon Meringue Crunch Bar at 1pm but didn’t get to it until 2:30pm.  By the time I tore it open, I was very hungry and out of steam. I realized how important it is to eat on a tighter schedule of about every 2 ½ to 3 hours.


My TSFL Coach told me when I started the first three days are the hardest. It’s been fairly easy so far… I’m relieved and thankful. He also shared with me that after today (Day 3) my body may go into the “fat burning” stage.  Normally this takes two to five days to achieve. During my first few days on the program I could feel tired, hungry or irritable and /or experience headaches or lightheadedness as my body adjusts.  I did have a headache on my first day.  I figured out it was the reduced intake of daily caffeine. I was used to drinking 6 cups before noon, now its down to 2 cups.


Yesterday and today I’ve monitored my level of hunger and just today I dip into the “hungry zone”.  I waited to long between meals. Also today I felt my energy was taped out by late afternoon and I got so tired I did something I seldom do…I took a nap. It was great!  I feel good now.  Refreshed, not hungry and looking forward to seeing how todays progress will register on the scale in the morning.


 He also said that within about 72 hours, as I start to “burn fat”  I’ll feel energized and less hungry – and I’ll get the thrill of seeing results. I say…Bring it on!