What are you happy to leave behind in 2009? For me it’s 105 pounds! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010… What are you most looking forward to in the New Year?


I am happy to bring in the New Year 105 pounds lighter. 

A great  reason to celebrate by any measurement.

But my journey is not over just yet!

Starting back up Friday, January 1st., 2010 I am back on program 100%

My goal is 135 pounds – 20 more pounds to lose.

If you have a few or a lot to lose… join me on January 1st for motivation right here on my Blog “Its Melting Off” , where I will be blogging my day-to-day progress.

I will be using Medifast Meal Replacements on their 5&1 Meal Plan. That’s 5 meal replacements and one Lean Protein and Vegetable meal.

I am going to schedule time to stretch every day for 10 minutes. Yoga  and weight training twice a week and cardio at least 3 days a week for 20 to 30 minutes!

Sounds like a lot going on… and it is!  I’m worth the time, energy and effort.

So join me daily starting New Years Day for my first entry to a slimmer me.

My hope is you get excited and motivated to get moving and improve your health along with me! So come on….it’s going to be a great year and decade for all of us!

Joyce Blonskij, Take Shape for Life Client & Health Coach

For those of you who would like to try this program please give me a call at (916) 812-2378

Send me an e-mail at Joyce@Blonskij.com

All The Best To You In The New Year!


Take Shape For Life (TSFL) 3rd Week Completed


pic 3

Three weeks have flown by, and I am very happy to report 

11.1 Pounds Slimmer!

My daily average loss is just over ½ pound a day  =  3.7 per week.

 I wanted to chart my daily weight up’s and down’s to get a birds eye view on how my progress has gone so far.  It looks good. Trending down…. A few days there I was getting impatient waiting for what I knew would be a drop in my weight. I was sure the weight would come off but it was coming off at its own sweet time. 

My cloths are definitely looser and some are down right baggie.

Now that my first three weeks are completed I can incorporate exercise into my weekly routine again.  I can’t wait to hit the gym. 

 Last night, me and my dog went for a long, hour and thirty minute brisk walk. It felt really good to get moving again. 

 My weekly goal will be to hit the gym 3 days and get cardio in 6 out of 7 days for the next two weeks.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!