Tip #20: Heart Health – Going Meatless Once a Week.

30 tips in 30 days. Get better health, and see better results.

Have you thought about having a meatless meal, and maybe going a little vegetarian once a week with your family?  

I know if you’re listening to this in cattle country, or you’re a big poultry or fish eater, you’re going think, no, no, I need my protein.

Studies have shown that people who do a meatless meal have better cardiovascular health.


So you might want to think of sautéing some veggies in broth, and maybe adding something like tofu. That’s probably a stretch for a lot of you.  So consider a salad, and steamed vegetables.  

Try going meatless  once a week instead of that turkey club, or steak. Your system will be happier. You’ll maybe shed a few more pounds, and feel lighter on your feet the next day.

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