A LOOK BACK… My first week – I lost 7.8 pounds. Take Shape For Life & Medifast.

For those just getting started here is a look at my day-by-day progress I made in the first three weeks on program.  I am one of those that steps on the scale morning and night… For some of you this may drive you crazy so once a week is perfectly fine.

Some background: I had been doing Weight Watchers (CORE) prior to starting Take Shape For Life (TSLF) for 2 ½ years. The first year I dropped 56 pounds. The next year and a half I lost 9 more pounds. Let me just say that those 18 months were not easy and very difficult to keep myself motivated. I was in limbo and it wasn’t fun.

Three weeks on TSFL, and I was hooked.  I’d lost 11.1 Pounds in 21 days!

TSFL 1st 3 Weeks on Program Chart


Week # 1 started for me on a Thursday – May 28th.  That morning I weighted in at 190 Lbs.

The first 3 days are critical. Most people will transition into the “fat burning” phase of the program somewhere from the 3rd to 5th day. 

My first couple of days,  I lost mostly water weight. Still weight, but not the fat that was yet to start melting off..

As you can see from the chart below my first 2 days I lost 4.2 pounds.  Which Kicked in my motivation. 

Days’ 3 – 5 were slow.  I finished my 6th day with a bang, down another -2.1 pounds. 

My first week I lost -7.8 pounds!

Week #2 I had a net loss of -2.0 even with a couple of days where my weight went up slightly. 

Week # 3 I broke the 10 pound barrier.

I’d lost MORE  in 16 DAYS on TSFL than I had in 18 MONTHS doing Weight Watchers.

My 3 week weight loss total was: -11.1 pounds.

I became a believer…

TSFL daily weight graph for 1st 3 weeks

Now Fast Forward to today: In the past 18 weeks I have lost a total of 37 pounds on Take Shape For Life/Medifast 

It works!

Learn more about this program at:  MY TAKE SHAPE FOR LIFE WEB SITE.





Today @ 164.8!

August 10, 2009 — Today is a very good day!

165 Lbs. was my 10 week goal…

…this morning I weighted in at 164.8 Lbs.


Take Shape For Life is changing my life in so many ways, and it feels wonderful. My body is lighter and so is my closet. No more size 24 taking up space. No more size 22. No more size 20! I have donated everything or given it away!

I am down to a baggy size 12 now, and pretty soon a 10!

I’ve lost a grand total of 90.2 pounds!

I still have a way to go… but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Joyce Blonskij ~ Client and Health Coach TSFL ID # 30042893

For more information visit: www.BrillianceBy.TSFL.com or email me at: Joyce.blonskij@surewest.net