I have lost a total of 25 1/2 pounds in 10 weeks…

… and so can you!

Going from surviving to thriving! Is one of the powerful expressions I’ve heard listening to Dr. Wayne Anderson, Co-founder of Take Shape for Life, and that is exactly how I am going about with my life.

I know you’ve tried to lose weight only to gain it back. That’s been my story for the past 40 years – but not any longer.  I’ve had a breakthrough that shows me how to reach and maintain a healthy weight and how to create a life of renewed vibrancy, health, and spirit – all under the easy-to-follow guidance of one of America’s most esteemed and compassionate practitioners of weight loss and optimal health. 

Here is a look at my first 3 weeks on Take Shape For Life.

 Down 11.1 pounds in 3 Weeks

I’m giving you a snap shot look inside the day to day progress I made in my first three weeks on Take Shape For Life (TSFL).  Keep in mind I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for 2 ½ years prior to my start of TSFL and in the preceding 18 months only lost nine pounds. 

Then I was introduced to Take Shape For Life and started the 5 & 1 Plan and have never looked back! For the first time in my life of diets I can actually see myself thin and healthy…I just love my new life style and feeling in control of my body.

OK – let’s not keep you waiting…


Week # 1 started for me on a Thursday – May 28th. That morning I weighted in at 190 Lbs.

 I was told the first 3 days are critical. Most people will transition into the “fat burning” phase of the program somewhere from the 3rd to 5th day.  Also the first couple of days we lose water weight. Still weight, but not the fat we most want to rid ourselves of…

As you can see from the chart below my first 2 days were exciting and kicked in my motivation all the more! Then days’ 3 – 5 were slow.  I finished my 6th days with a bang, down another -2.1 pounds. 

My first week I lost -7.8 pounds!

Week #2 I had a net loss of -2.0 even with a couple of days where my weight went up slightly. 

Week # 3 I broke the 10 pound barrier this week and that was great.

I’d lost more in 16 days on TSFL than I had in 18 months doing Weight Watchers.

My 3 week weight loss: -11.1 pounds 

A three week average of:  -3.7 pounds per week.

3 week daily weight loss chart TSFLNow ten weeks into this program I weigh 164.5 Lbs.  Down to a size 12 and the weight is still melting off! 

Join me and thousands of people worldwide who’ve gone from discouragement to confidence, from depletion to unimaginable vitality – and discover how you can life better, happier, and healthier into your eighties, nineties, and beyond…

To learn more about my program at: www.brillianceby.TSFL.com/

E-mail Joyce your questions at: joyce.blonskij@surewest.net

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