Take Shape For Life (TSFL) – New weight @ 179.5


Friday June 12, 2009

Down .7 for a total weight loss of -10.5 in 15 days!

New weight  @ 179.5

Good bye 180’s !  Hello… 179.5  

I was a very happy camper this morning as my digital scale read “179.5” Getting out of the 180’s has taken me almost a year as I look back, and it was a struggle up and down and back up again. At one point I wondered -Is this just how it’s meant to be!?


I’ve pretty much always been heavy, even as a baby. Back then… I was in vogue being a chubby baby. After all, my mom and dad were depression kids. Having food on the table especially for my mom who was a city girl growing up in Boston with 9 kids in the house and immigrant parents (Sicily, San Pier Niceto, Italy) who barely made ends meet, it had to have been a daily struggle to survive. So they loved having a fat baby. However; all those baby fat cells are still hanging to me and it’s time I got rid of my “baby fat” once and for all…. and then some.

My new motto this week is : Onward & Downward

From what my neighbor, who is an RN, has told me (she worked at a weight loss clinic for a number of years) it takes about 2 weeks for the body to adjust to the fewer calorie. Once it does, my hunger levels will drop. Which means it’s important to schedule my TSFL meals every 2 ½ to 3 hours to keep my metabolism running through out the day.  Yesterday my hunger level was pretty much an even and steady, not hungry, so I’m thinking I may be starting this phase… which is great. It should make my program even easier to do and shed more of my “baby fat”.

PS: If I do say so… I was a pretty darn cute baby!

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