The Ups and Downs of Losing Weight…

For me it’s been more than a three-year long journey… I have been dieting all my life!

This time around which began just over 3 yrs ago at first, I was on fire and life was good. I was losing weight and feeling better. Then like most dieters I hit the “wall” just after my first year.

Hitting the wall from a weight loss perspective is typically when and were most folks toss in the little white towel and give up. 

To me that was not an answer. There was no way I could do that. If I did quit that most likely meant, I would gain back the 56 pounds I’d lost and gain some on top of that!   So I did what I had to do… I suffered and hung in there, all the while hoping I’d get back in sync.

I did get back in sync but not doing the new program Weight Watchers was offering. For the life of me – I just could not stick to their old Core Plan either…

I stepped back.  

In May on this year (2009) I started on my new path of eating small meals all through out the day. Healthy food from Medifast.  It’s so easy, I like the food,  and this has helped me to control my portion sizes.

The chart below shows my week-by-week weight. There is an 18 month period in the middle where I was STUCK! Then I got introduced to Take Shape For Life and Medifast.  You can see how well it works.

Three Years - Weekly Weight Loss Chart - Joyce Blonskij

Three Years - Weekly Weight Loss Chart - Joyce Blonskij

In 22 weeks I’ve seen amazing results in how I feel, the smaller clothing sizes I’m wearing ,and of course the scale is looking better too!

My outlook has changed.

My way to eating has changed for the better.

And I am able to reach out to my family and friends and show them the way.

Life if good!

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A LOOK BACK… My first week – I lost 7.8 pounds. Take Shape For Life & Medifast.

For those just getting started here is a look at my day-by-day progress I made in the first three weeks on program.  I am one of those that steps on the scale morning and night… For some of you this may drive you crazy so once a week is perfectly fine.

Some background: I had been doing Weight Watchers (CORE) prior to starting Take Shape For Life (TSLF) for 2 ½ years. The first year I dropped 56 pounds. The next year and a half I lost 9 more pounds. Let me just say that those 18 months were not easy and very difficult to keep myself motivated. I was in limbo and it wasn’t fun.

Three weeks on TSFL, and I was hooked.  I’d lost 11.1 Pounds in 21 days!

TSFL 1st 3 Weeks on Program Chart


Week # 1 started for me on a Thursday – May 28th.  That morning I weighted in at 190 Lbs.

The first 3 days are critical. Most people will transition into the “fat burning” phase of the program somewhere from the 3rd to 5th day. 

My first couple of days,  I lost mostly water weight. Still weight, but not the fat that was yet to start melting off..

As you can see from the chart below my first 2 days I lost 4.2 pounds.  Which Kicked in my motivation. 

Days’ 3 – 5 were slow.  I finished my 6th day with a bang, down another -2.1 pounds. 

My first week I lost -7.8 pounds!

Week #2 I had a net loss of -2.0 even with a couple of days where my weight went up slightly. 

Week # 3 I broke the 10 pound barrier.

I’d lost MORE  in 16 DAYS on TSFL than I had in 18 MONTHS doing Weight Watchers.

My 3 week weight loss total was: -11.1 pounds.

I became a believer…

TSFL daily weight graph for 1st 3 weeks

Now Fast Forward to today: In the past 18 weeks I have lost a total of 37 pounds on Take Shape For Life/Medifast 

It works!

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