On Your Mark. Get Set…. GO! My first 1/2 Marathon is about to get started.

My good friend, Sue Peppers, about 2 months ago shared the idea of entering a 1/2 marathon for charity – and I was in!

Today I picked up our race kits, shirts, bib numbers and directions to West Sacramento’s Raley’s Field where we begin in “wave no 1” at 8:00 am in the morning. How cool is this?

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Shamrock 1/2 Marathon 3/14/2010

The first leg of the race is 7 miles.  Our goal is to get this done and see how we feel.

Can we make the last half  of the marathon? Or will we have to call it good at 7 miles?   I’ll let you all know tomorrow evening.

Sue and I will be taping segments as we go, so please come back for a look.

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My Cousin Carla Beth in Tenn wanted to join me for this race.

Hey Carla I’m doing it!

Shopping — instead of just looking. After losing 100 pounds I can buy clothes off the rack now. I shopped for a new bathing suit.

On Vacation in Mexico — Shopping in Cabo December 2009 (new smaller bathing suit)

Did you know Cabo has a Harley Davidson store right next to Ruth Chris Steak House?  Yes – Cabo has it all from the funky little stores to the fancy designer stuff.  It’s all here.

In the mall just off the marina there is a bathing suit store. If you’ve been to Cabo you know the one I’m talking about.  Well as a former size 24 they were off limits to me. Oh I’d still go in and have a look, but they didn’t have anything that would fit my plus size body.  Well today was different. I went in to shop!

I am very happy to share with you my new 3 piece bathing suit!

Now shopping is actually getting fun!

The top is an 8 with an underwire built in, and the bottom is a 12.  A lot better than a 24!  I love the genie pants that match. (medium)

I bought a swim suit that before I could only dream of wearing.

When I got back to the resort after walking and shopping for half a day, I have to tell you… I hit the gym.  This is how I’m going to keep my weight in check and build some muscle mass.  The “old fat me” would have run down to the pool because it was still happy hour, and order up a couple of high calorie, sugary drinks before the bell rung.  The new me…would rather spend that hour happily working out.

I did just over 20 minutes on the treadmill doing an interval of: walk 3 minutes and then jog for 5 minutes, repeat this 3 times. Then I did light weight training for about 40 minutes.  This felt good knowing I am making the changes in my life that will promote good health, and keep my weight off for ever!

From Cabo San Lucas Mexico, Joyce Blonskij – Health Coach for Take Shape for Life and a client