On Your Mark. Get Set…. GO! My first 1/2 Marathon is about to get started.

My good friend, Sue Peppers, about 2 months ago shared the idea of entering a 1/2 marathon for charity – and I was in!

Today I picked up our race kits, shirts, bib numbers and directions to West Sacramento’s Raley’s Field where we begin in “wave no 1” at 8:00 am in the morning. How cool is this?

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Shamrock 1/2 Marathon 3/14/2010

The first leg of the race is 7 miles.  Our goal is to get this done and see how we feel.

Can we make the last half  of the marathon? Or will we have to call it good at 7 miles?   I’ll let you all know tomorrow evening.

Sue and I will be taping segments as we go, so please come back for a look.

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My Cousin Carla Beth in Tenn wanted to join me for this race.

Hey Carla I’m doing it!