Bullseye Organization to Help You Lose Wieght & Get Your Kitchen Cook’n.

Today’s video is on Bullseye Organization. 

Getting organized and planning are key to long-term success in business and when losing and keeping off weight.

Yesterday we talked about cleaning out your refrigerator today lets get organized.

I suggest we get started in the kitchen!

1.  Make a list of item you need to restock your frig now that it’s cleaned and probably empty!

2. Organize your kitchen drawers – make it easy to cook by putting items near your cook top you’ll need like spices, mixing spoons,  pots and pans.

3.  Time to down size your dinner plates. Instead of eating on a 12” plate – instead use a 9″ plate and organize it with healthy foods.

4.  Keep your measuring spoons and cups near your 9″ plates. You’ll have no excuse not to measure and keep your portion sizes normal and not over eat.

 Joyce Blonskij, Health Coach for Take Shape For Life.

I’ve lost over 100 pounds and feel great.

If you’d like more information on this program please contact Joyce at 916-812-2378 or Joyce@Blonskij.com

Take Shape For Life (TSFL) Day # 4 On The Plan


Sunday, May 31, 2009 — Morning weight 185.3 for a new 3 day total of 4.7 lbs.


My challenge today was a River Cats (baseball) game. My typical game menu is a hot dog and lite beer with a bag of kettle corn.  I’ve also been known to have a Caesar salad, but almost always without fail – I have to have a bag of kettle corn, my weakness. I knew the smells would be everywhere, and they were and I had to have a plan before I even left home if I was going to enjoy the game and not give in to old habits.


I can’t stop doing the things I love just because I’m on afraid of falling of the weight loss wagon. 


I had spoken to my TSFL Coach early in the day and he gave me a tip I used for the ball park and that was to make a shake and put it in the freezer for an hour.  I took my favorite, the strawberry shake and turned it into slush. It hit the spot.  In the parking lot after the game my husband and I split a couple of hard boiled dilled eggs (just the whites) and a Lemon Meringue Crunch Bar.


I am happy to report 2 victories: Mine & The River Cats. We both won today!


My lesson learned this afternoon is I can do this and live my life at the same time.  It does take planning and a plan to be successful. When it comes right down to it, having a plan is a must for losing weight and investing. It all makes perfect sense.


PS: In total fairness to the gentleman selling Kettle Corn at the game, his nickname is “The Isle Dancer” because for an older person he can shake rattle and roll pretty darn good.  I’m sorry your sales are going down starting today!