Cabo San Lucas Mexican Mixed Fruit Cup topped with Chili Sauce! Out of this world good.

Discovery… A Mexican Sidewalk Fruit Cup Extraordinaire!

 As my husband entered the Fishing Shop the lady on the corner fruit stand caught my eye.  She was making the biggest cup of fresh fruit to-go for this gal. I though she must have a blender and was making smoothies.  No blender. Just a sharp knife and lot’s of fruit.

 When she added salt, drizzled Chili-Coconut Sauce over the top and squeezed fresh lime juice, I was in shock.  I had to try this for myself. Lucky for you my husband had the video camera. You’re in for a treat now.


As my good friend Hilda would say… We all need a little fruit in our diets!

 If you’re on the 5&1 Meal Plan… just enjoy the video for now. Once you lose your weight you can introduce back in fruit and I do suggest you give this a whirl.  It’s yummy.

From Cabo San Lucas Mexico

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Joyce Blonskij, Independent Certified Optavia Coach

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