Is Fear & Your Weight Issues Holding You Back From the Life You Are Destine To Live?

WE ARE ALL BORN WITH ONE FEAR…being dropped as an infant.  All the other fears we have as adults are learned along the way as a product of our growing up and experiences.

I met a young woman just this month who was afraid if she lost weight her friends would leave her and she would be alone.  For some of you reading this you may be saying… that’s terrible – if they were true friends they’d stick by your side no matter what. But for many individuals, who have lost friends because they moved away, passed away or drifted down another path… no matter what, this is how they feel and as a result would rather be unhealthy and miserable than friendless.

Another gal I recently had the pleasure of meeting, who’s terrific… is fearful that by stating another “diet plan” will result in that all too familiar yo-yo syndrome we’ve all experienced. So rather than taking a step towards a healthy life style… this reasoning is another way for her to stay frozen in time, overweight, unhealthy and unhappy.

I had my own fears. I was destine to be overweight!  In my mind I had convinced myself that no matter what others did – they were not me. They were the lucky ones that found success and could grab on to the golden ring of health. No me… I was not one of the lucky ones.

 I just could not see myself as thin. I was the pretty face, the smart one, the one that could light up a room and be the life of the party… and the one who would always be “heavy”.  I believed this. It was my reality and my prison. My lot in life and I lived with it the best I could for 40 plus years. I created a false reality for myself and was not able to see that I could change.

That is until… I got it!  The “IT” we are all looking for!  That ONE THING that turns your life on a dime… It’s not surgery or pills. It’s definitely not starvation or a cabbage diet that stinks up the house! 

The “IT” I found was a gift from a dear friend of mine who to me had always been a thin guy. Someone you shrugged off as being out of touch with what being fat was all about.  What do skinny people know about living in a fat body? They don’t!  They have no stinking idea of the shame and humiliation we drag along with us every place we go… day-in and day-out.  So as a fat person with my own set of beliefs I blew him off.  Several times… until I got cornered and with the look of a desperate animal in the headlights of an oncoming car I asked; “What is the minimum time commitment I have to give you”? And the reply was: 5 weeks! “God Help Me” was my first reaction and guess what… He already had!

OK — I made up my mind… I can do ANYTHING for 5 weeks, even a new “diet”… Little did I know this was no ordinary diet! IT is a way of LIFE. The best gift anyone could have presented me with.  The Gift of Health.

For Five Weeks…

  • I never went hungry.
  • I was not a grouch.
  • I had tons of energy.

After three weeks I was ready for more… in 18 weeks I hit my goal and lost 40 pounds

For a total of 100 pounds!

 Today I don’t see myself as the one who’s overweight… I see myself as healthy and living in a thin body that’s full of energy and vitality. 

I love my new life, my new friends who are living a healthy life, and best of all I love myself.

What are you afraid of?

Are you more concerned with what other people think of you… Really it’s none of your business what they think.

What you think of yourself is all that really matters.

 How do you feel about yourself right now?

Are you ready to make a life long commitment to your own health?

If you are ready for a happier, healthy life…I can help you.  I’ve lost over 100 pounds and kept it off.  I know your struggles and fears. I have fought them and won. My clients LOVE working with me because I have been in their shoes and understand the challenges they face.  I educate them and show them how to eat smart and make good choices so their day to day choices… become Habits of Health.

 Joyce Blonskij, Health Coach for Take Shape For “LIFE”

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A LOOK BACK… My first week – I lost 7.8 pounds. Take Shape For Life & Medifast.

For those just getting started here is a look at my day-by-day progress I made in the first three weeks on program.  I am one of those that steps on the scale morning and night… For some of you this may drive you crazy so once a week is perfectly fine.

Some background: I had been doing Weight Watchers (CORE) prior to starting Take Shape For Life (TSLF) for 2 ½ years. The first year I dropped 56 pounds. The next year and a half I lost 9 more pounds. Let me just say that those 18 months were not easy and very difficult to keep myself motivated. I was in limbo and it wasn’t fun.

Three weeks on TSFL, and I was hooked.  I’d lost 11.1 Pounds in 21 days!

TSFL 1st 3 Weeks on Program Chart


Week # 1 started for me on a Thursday – May 28th.  That morning I weighted in at 190 Lbs.

The first 3 days are critical. Most people will transition into the “fat burning” phase of the program somewhere from the 3rd to 5th day. 

My first couple of days,  I lost mostly water weight. Still weight, but not the fat that was yet to start melting off..

As you can see from the chart below my first 2 days I lost 4.2 pounds.  Which Kicked in my motivation. 

Days’ 3 – 5 were slow.  I finished my 6th day with a bang, down another -2.1 pounds. 

My first week I lost -7.8 pounds!

Week #2 I had a net loss of -2.0 even with a couple of days where my weight went up slightly. 

Week # 3 I broke the 10 pound barrier.

I’d lost MORE  in 16 DAYS on TSFL than I had in 18 MONTHS doing Weight Watchers.

My 3 week weight loss total was: -11.1 pounds.

I became a believer…

TSFL daily weight graph for 1st 3 weeks

Now Fast Forward to today: In the past 18 weeks I have lost a total of 37 pounds on Take Shape For Life/Medifast 

It works!

Learn more about this program at:  MY TAKE SHAPE FOR LIFE WEB SITE.