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Get ready for the holidays…

The holidays are nearing… just 15 weeks to the New Year. YIKES!

This morning my weight was 162.0 (9-14-09)

According to my BMI chart “Healthy” for my height (5’3″) is from 125 to 141.

I have 21 more pounds to lose to reach a HEALTHY BMI

My goal is to be at 141 on New Years Day 1-1-2010!

With Take Shape for Life – I can do it and so can you. So what are you wating for…when you can be 20 to 30 pounds lighter by January 1st, 2010! 

You’ll feel and look great for the holidays…

I don’t know about you… but I am done making a resolution to lose weight! Done with this old problem

Join me in my journey and start the New Year off 

Without a diet!

For more information give me a call at (916) 812-2378



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