The 15 in 50 Day Challenge is About Setting Goals that are Realistic & Tangible.

Doing this challenge to take off 15 pound in 50 days has reignited my motivation and excitement. As you know the first two days were off the charts amazing. I took off 7.3 pounds from Monday to Wednesday morning. 

Thursday and Friday – Day 4 & Day 5 I stayed the same at 152.4

This morning (Saturday) Day 6 I was up 0.4 at 152.8 which makes me dig in even deeper. I know my food plan has been spot-on all week , the scale is going to show it any day now. My rings are starting to slip around my fingers as I type, so I know I’ve taken off water weight and bloating which is very important.

As some of you know my weight loss journey started by walking into a Saturday morning 6:45AM Weight Watchers Class back in Sept of 2006.  To this day those folks are some of my best friends.  I still attend the meetings and this morning I found out I was the “voice in their heads” from last Saturday… Imagine that!  I shared with them that they need to set a goal and a deadline which is achievable and realistic. I challenged them that before they stepped out the door last Satruday morning to set a one week goal! 

Something Like:  I will take-off X#of pounds between today and next Saturday!

This morning I was talking to a  good friend who is on board with me for this challenge and has taken off another 2.8 pounds on the 5 & 1 plan this week.  (BTW- Her total is 83 pounds)! I said to her I wouldn’t mind being a “Skinny (Food) Snob” … which made her think back to when she was a kid in the summertime and as her and her friends sunned by the swimming pool – they called it “blobbing”… Now she call’s it “lounging” — I like that.

This morning as my WW’ers friends announced their pounds lost over the past week –  having a goal make them more focused… I felt really happy for them.  Losing weight can be such an up hill battle especially if you have a lot to lose and been at it over a period of time. We all need to set those little goals. Even if it’s a meal at a time or a day at a time.

This morning I asked a group at WW ‘ers;  Who’s going to make a committment to the 15 in 50 Challenge and join me?  We got in a circle, put our pinky fingers together and shared with each other how much we need to lose to get to the next “9” on the scale.  We are fired up and will make it happen!



There is never a better time to get started than NOW! 

To those who are on this journey with me congratulations. For those of your still thinking about it, that’s ok – when you’re ready to get healthy and make a lifestyle change… I’m here to cheer you on!

Happy Easter & God Bless Us All

Joyce Blonskij – Health Coach

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Saturday’s Menu:

  • 7:00AM TSFL Cappuccino/Coffee
  • 8:30AM TSFL Finish my Cappuccino/Coffee
  • 9:00AM TSFL Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal
  • 20 minute walk with my dog – Daniel Boone
  • 12:00PM TSFL Veg Beef Soup
  • 2:00 PM TSFL Nacho Cheese Puffs & Diet Soda
  • 5:00 PM White Fish Grilled. Steamed Veg & Small Green Salad
  • 7:00PM TSFL Chocolate Pudding / Tea with Lemon/Splenda