Day #3 On the 15 in 50 Challenge… I stayed the same today.

I was hoping to see the scale go lower again this morning after another great day on program yesterday but it stayed the same at: 152.4 which is perfectly normal after losing so much in such a short period of time.

What I feel is most important is to PLAN my day before I leave the house.

Planning is vital to our success. With out a plan we would end up drifting… So here is a look at what I’ve set in motion for myself today:

  • 6:40AM TSFL Scrambled Eggs with Tlb of Casa Sanchez Salsa. Hot tea/Splenda
  • 7:45AM Business meeting at Pete’s Coffee House in Granite Bay – I mixed up a TSFL Cappuccino in a blender bottle and grabbed my coffee mug to-go.  When I got to the coffee-house I poured half the TSFL Cappuccino in my mug and had them fill up the rest with coffee. It was a great feeling to know “I was in total control”! When I got to the office I heated up the remaining TSFL Cappuccino and drank it which was around 9:15AM
  • 12:30 TSFL Vegetable Beef Soup

Still to be consumed today my plan is:

  • 2:00PM TSFL Banana Shake
  • 4:30PM TSFL Crunch Bar and Hot Tea/Splenda
  • 6:00PM I’m picking up a CostCo cooked chicken, a bag of pre made salad and taking it to my daughters for dinner. She turns 30 today and is home taking care of her sick dog, Sophia. So we are taking dinner to her. I’ll pick up a couple of potatoes for the rest of the family, pass myself on the potato.  I’ll owe Stephanie a box of my homemade Biscotti with cranberries! It may not be our ideal Birthday dinner, but as long as we are together and her dog gets better, that’s all that counts.
  • 8:00PM Hot Tea/Splenda and Fat Free Jell-O with Fat Free Cool Whip
  • I made a pitcher of Water/Wyler’s and had it drank by 1pm today. So I’m going to make a second and see how much of it I can get down before I leave for CostCo. I find that water helps me feel full and I get my exercise running to and from the ladies room! LOL

I want to give a shout out to: CA-Sue & Jon for stepping up to the 15 in 50 Challenge today!

Follow my 15 in 50 Day Challenge day-by-day or better yet, join me! What ever plan work for you just do it. Get started today, right now! Time is ticking and summer will be here before you know it and a smaller size is waiting for you…

For more information about the Take Shape For Life 5 & 1 Meal Plan check out

Here’s to your Health and a Long Life!

Joyce Blonskij – Health Coach

(916) 812-2378

PS: Happy Birthday My Darling Stephanie – I love you… Mom


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