Something Extra From Chef Cindi during our cooking class.

Cindi wanted to give us an extra something special to use in our TSFL 5&1 Meal Plan.

Eating healthy means some good fats in our diet every day. Healthy fats help curb hunger, it’s good for your digestion, completion and gives you a glow…

You’ll love what Cindi mixed up for us to use as part of our 5&1 Plan.

Check it out…

We are losing weight during the holidays and it feels GREAT

Enjoy the holidays!

Joyce Blonskij, Health Coach and TSFL Client

“Cindis Cucina Catering” can meet all your home and office party needs! Besides cooking up some great TSFL meals Cindi is an exceptional Chef. Let her help you hit a home run at your next party. Call Cindi at 916/956-6450

One thought on “Something Extra From Chef Cindi during our cooking class.

  1. Cindi,
    Hello! I was so excited to find your blog. I am also
    a TSFL client and a new health coach. This is the best program I have ever tried and it WORKS! This is
    a answer to my prayers. How long have you been
    a health coach? Please call or email me
    I am also excited for my state MISSISSIPPI since we rank number 1 in the overweight and unhealthy catogery in America. Any tips for MISSISSIPPI?
    Thanh You,
    Have A Blessed Day!

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