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Celebrations! …as more and more of my family and friends lose weight and hit new goals! John, Katie, Sarah, Janet Wheeler, Holly, & “Cindi Chilelli “New Health Coach”!

My husband, John loves CostCo and this week picked up a pair of jeans size 36… They didn’t fit!  THEY WERE TOO BIG! He skipped 36’s and the next day, traded them in for 34’s.

He’s down 13 pounds in 3 weeks and gone from a 38 to a 34 waist.

New Size 34 Jeans!

 Katie hit her 10%  She is looking great… AND getting asked out on dates!

Way to go Katie…

Katie Hits 10% Weight Loss! She's a TSFL Girl...

Sarah was down big today! Last week she had a bake/garage sale and we missed her. But she made up for being gone… Down over 5 Pounds this morning for a total of 31 POUNDS  Slimmer in 2 1/2 months on Take Shape For Life/Medifast… She also got busted by Betty… LOL  – The secret is out on her.
My Cousin Janet is down 29 Pounds! She is wearing new smaller clothes and trying new colors to spice up her new slimmer body!
She is feeling so much better… and looks great too!

My Cousin Janet 29 Lbs Slimmer!

Holly… She has been on Take Shape For Life the program for Diabetics now for 25 days.

In 25 days Holly has lost 19.2 Pounds. 

Now for the GOOD NEWS! Holly had been taking insulin shots morning and before bed every day for 19 Years!   Oral Meds 3-times a day and still not controlling her diabetes. Her sugars were in the 200’s!

After two weeks on the program for Diabetics:


No shots!

And… She has eliminated one of her afternoon meds.

Holly  celebrated her 10% and feels amazing!

Holly's Hits 10%. She too is a TSFL Girl!

CONGRATULATIONS …. CINDI CHILELLI… She has gone from a TSFL Client to a Health Coach! 

Mike, Nici and Cindi - A Take Shape for Life Family. BEFORE Photo!

Getting ourselves healthy is the first step. 
Then showing our family and friends how to get health in theirs lives is next.
The best gift you can give some one you love is HEALTH.
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