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Eat Banana Pudding…and lose weight.

Eat healthy – lose weight. What a concept but it works.  Let me tell you about Teresa…

Teresa is married with two boys. She works and goes to school. She is a busy lady. She also is overweight, over tired, and under nourished.

A typical day:

Does this sound familiar? If it does the next thing I’m about to share with you will take you by surprise, it did me… Teresa started eating healthy. 6 portion controlled meals a day and cut back on the Starbuck’s…

In four days she lost 9.1 Pounds!

She is sleeping better and has energy.

Teresa is learning new habits of good health and it shows.

Way to go Teresa!

I’m proud of you and the new choices you are making to improve your health.

Tonight I enjoyed a Banana Pudding and so did my Springer!

Banana Pudding... good

Eat and lose weight!

Who would of thought it could be this fun and easy?

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