155.2 – I’m just .2 from a 100 Pound Weight Loss!

Boy am I close… just point 2 away from a 100 pound weight loss!

I have a stragety for today.  I am going to SHAKE IT UP.

My  5 & 1  menu today will be:

1. TSFL Scrambled Eggs

2. TSFL Cappuccino with coffee

3. TSFL Orange Shake mixed with Raspberry Sugar Free Tea

4.  TSFL Blueberry Shake

Dinner will be Ground Trukey/ Burrito Wraps

5.  TSLF Chocolate Shake

If I want an optional snack, it will be hot tea w/lemon and sugar free jello topped with Fat Free Cool Whip.

I will be drinking lots of water this morning, afternoon and evening!

Here we go…

Today could be the day!

I hope so.

I’m ready.

Any suggestions or comments please email me at: itsmeltingoff@Blonskij.com


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