Inching Closer by The Day!!!


Lost another 0.2 this morning. Weighed in at 155.6 when I got on the scale!

Joyce & Lynn

Joyce & Lynn

I’ve sent out some text messages this morning, keeping friends and family up to date with my weight loss success, and my Kaiser doctor, Dr. Luz Guerrero, sent me a great message back. . . She wasn’t sure she’d recognize me next time she saw me. . . . I told her she’d “know my voice”.  She too has battled weight loss and eventually won, so she knows the struggle I’ve been through and elation I’m now enjoying.

My family has been so encouraging throughout this whole weight loss ordeal.  My sister-in-law, Alice Blonskij, said it best, “You did it the right way!”.


155.0, Here I Come!!!!

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