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Take Shape For Life (TSFL) Day# 8 On The Plan


Thursday June 4th 2009 – My morning weight is 182.2

Down .9 from yesterday making my 1st week on the program a huge success!

First Week Down:  -7.8 lbs

“Never” have I eaten all day long for one week straight and lost 7.8 pounds! I am blown away… In my mind, the little voice says… Other people have this kind of success, not me. But this is me. And I did do this. It’s real!  And a little bit surreal too.

Looking back at my first week I learned a lot about the basics of the TSFL program specifically some do’s and don’ts that I need to be mindful of going forward, for example:

I may have to rethink my 5 week weight loss goal. Originally my goal was 15 pounds over the 5 weeks. The possibility of exceeding this is very high! Typically I come in short of my weight loss goals and have to settle for a loss that’s ok – not great.  Now I’m actually thinking… I can do better than the 15 lbs I initially set out for. I like this. It’s very motivating and makes me want to dial-in the program and keep it going.

On to week # 2  Here I come… Ready & Excited!

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