Take Shape For Life Q&A


I’ve received a couple of questions that I thought were worth sharing with you.

Q.  What is the program called?

A.  The program is called “Take Shape For Life” it features meals by Medifast

Q.  Do you eat fruit and veggies?

A.  I eat from a list of vegetables. No fruit on program.
I feel that I’m getting the taste of fruit in a way from the shakes. I like the banana shake and my favorite is the strawberry shake!
For the past two months now I have been taking “Juice Plus”. I take a set of 3 capsules morning and night. They provide me with 9 to 12 fruit and vegetable servings a day with out the calories!

Q. Do you count calories, points or take pills?

A.  No. I eat all day long! It’s like grazing…
I have been taking an Omega 3-6-9, for the fish oils for some time now and will continue because of all the health benefits.

TSLF 5N1 Info sheet

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