Did any one hear screaming at about 6:15 am this morning?


My husband did for sure – and probably Tod and Millie, my next door neighbors did too)!
If you did … That was me!

I hit 169.9 this morning on the scale!
In 56 days (8 week) my total is: – 20.1 pounds
I’m slimming down with Take Shape for Life – “TSFL”.  I am so excited with my success… I became a TSFL Health Coach 2 weeks ago. Imagine that? I would have never, in a million years thought this could happen to me. But here I am. Living proof it works! Two of my good friends along with my Bakersfield cousin Janet and an awesome gal from my Weight Watcher Saturday meeting have joined me.  We are all getting healthy and slimmer together. I’m so excited to have them doing this with me. My cousin Janet said to me Monday on the phone… “I’ll probably be calling you in a month to Thank-You”!  (I’m betting – It won’t take month for this call)!
I realized this morning – I just took another 100 pounds of pressure of my knees by losing this 20 pounds. I feel great!  And I’m down from a snug 16 to a lose 14… 12’s here I come! My new “total – total” from Sept 2006 is 85.1 pounds slimmer…  BTW – this comes to 425 pounds of pressure off my knees and lower back. I might as well have been competing in the world weight lifting events at that rate! Not any more.
Love the…. “9’s”

Thanks for letting me share my great news!
Check out the link below for more information or give me a call after work on my cell if you are dying for the inside scoop (916) 812-2378 

Down – 20.1 pounds! Total lost is 85.1 and still losing more….










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